Cyclists terrorising footpaths says Deputy Mayor

MOST OF US have had a near miss with a cyclist on the road or on a footpath and City of Ryde Deputy Mayor Dr Peter Kim believes it is time for the council to act.

He put forward an unsuccessful motion at last Tuesday’s council meeting that calls on General Manager George Dedes to report on ways to protect pedestrians from cyclists he said are ”terrorising” footpaths.
He told councillors a local Catholic priest had recently been hit by a cyclist, suffered a broken hip and had to be confined to an aged care facility.
Liberal Clr Jordan Lane expressed concern about cyclists on roads.
“One incident with a pedestrian is bad but an incident with a car is a lot worse,” he said.
Labor Clr Bernard Purcell said this is not a council issue.
“This is a police campaign, not a council campaign,” he said.
Councillor Roy Maggio said the solution is to erect Slow Down signs for cyclists.