Give us a direct train from the CBD to Eastwood

Eastwood Chamber of Commerce President Vic Tagg and City of Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale are calling for the reinstatement of direct train services from the CBD to Eastwood.

They said the direct train service – which cuts out stops between the CBD and Eastwood – would have enormous benefits to the local shopping district and would significantly cut travel times to and from work.
“The government stopped these services without telling anyone and we want them back,” Mayor Laxale said.
“A broad based group of small businesses is supporting our call to have these trains, which would be a significant benefit to Eastwood.”
Eastwood Chamber of Commerce President Vic Tagg said the City of Ryde has seven railway stations and Eastwood is a major destination.
“We have as many stations as the CBD and we want the same benefits the CBD has,” he said.
“Eastwood Railway Station is a key destination for doctors, nurses, police officers and business people and you can get everything at the Eastwood, which is the place to be for shopping, eating and entertainment.”
Councillor Bernard Purcell said a direct service to Eastwood would help it recover from the economic malaise of the pandemic.
“We also want a direct service to Eastwood from the north,” he said.