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Grant support for our language schools

Federal Member for Bennelong John Alexander OAM MP has congratulated the representatives of Bennelong’s many foreign language schools recently on their important work, and for their receipt of federal government grant support so they can serve the community even more.

Mr Alexander said: “These schools serve an important role in our community, allowing people to gain a much deeper understanding and connection with other cultures and countries. This serves our national interest, as the more bridges we can build between countries the better for our international relationships.
“It serves our local community too, as many students are trying to reconnect with their cultural heritage, or even gain a greater understanding of the culture of their spouse. It was my pleasure to learn more about what they do, support them financially with grants totalling $223,995, and for them to learn and network with one another. I hope they got a lot out of the meeting.
“The $10 million Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program has been an absolute benefit to our wonderfully harmonious and respectful multicultural community here in Bennelong.”
Caption: “JA congratulates representatives of seven local language schools at Eastwood Oval: Andisheh Persian School, Dundas Chinese School, Hamazkiane Armenian Cultural Association Nairi Chapter, Polish Educational Society NSW, Datong Chinese School, Al-Khair Arabic School, and the Telugu Association School. The Iranian Educational and Cultural Centre also received grant assistance.”