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Well bee-haved students

Students from Smalls Road Public School are participating in an initiative establishing a city-wide network of more than 40 garden “bed and breakfasts” designed to attract and support pollinating animals like bees, birds and butterflies.

Dubbed the ‘B&B Highway’, the concept was launched less than 12 months ago as a partnership between the University of Technology Sydney and sustainability group PlantingSeeds Projects.

The aim is to create habitats for pollinating animals and allow scientists to gather basic data about their populations.

In 2019, Australian researchers found that 40 per cent of the world’s insects were at risk of becoming extinct in the coming decades due to human activity.

B&B project leader Dr Judy Friedlander said many people might have noticed this just by driving around.

“It’s called the windshield effect, which is the amount of insects you pick up on your windscreen while driving — people will notice that does not happen as much anymore,” she said.

She said efforts to turn this decline around were being hampered by a lack of detailed information about insect habitats.